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OBM Headquarter

Academic Work|2020|Los Angeles, USA

Site: Columbus, Ohio
Team: Yunfei Cao, Manying Wang

Instructor: Tom Wiscombe


​​Model Kit Render

The total experience of the model kit is somewhere in between all of these parts and assembled together into something which both points at the final scale model which in turn point to the real thing, but it also exists as a cornucopia of parts and pieces that can be laid out like treasures on a table-- a flat ontology of vastly different styles and scales of things.

​​Model Kit Animation

In this project, we started our design from OMA’s big library. It is an unbuilt project for a competition held in Paris, France in 1989. By extracting different elements in this precedent and rethinking them, we create our model kit. We free the parts from its original forms. They are completely different from the elements in the precedent but still can be recognized. For the next step, we use the parts in our model kit to design the headquarter expansion for the OBM company. Each part we use has equal ontological standing in our project. 

Godzilla Drawing.jpg

OBM Headquarter Drawing 

At last, we see our building as a new model kit and try to create more possibilities for our design. The process from Model Kits to Building then back to Model kits creates misreading and uncertainty.

OBM Headquarter Drawing Animation


OBM Headquarter Render

New Model Kit Animation

NewKit Render.jpg

New Model Kit Render


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