Jefferson Office

Academic Work|2019|Los Angeles, USA

Site: Los Angeles, California

Team: Pinchi Liao, Yunfei Cao

Instructor: Eric Owen Moss   

This project is located in Culver City. When we visit the site, the diversity is what we noticed. Including a commercial area, residential area, a metro station in the block corner, parks in walking distance and LA River crossing the road. However, the connection between each character is quite weak. Thus the idea is trying to relate the differences of the neighborhood..


Sequence Diagram

Project Develop Diagram

The design of the lower part focuses on the horizontal connection to the context, to the paths, to the river, and the park. To create access for pedestrians, cyclists, and cars. And the vertical tower focuses on creating the views of different orientation, especially the view to the mountain. To address a sense of variability in one piece, we use different tactics, bending, twisting and slicing, to shape the office tower,  To create a flowing and undefine feeling. 

To tie the variation in one project, we use a megastructure to support vertical towers and a sequence of oval structures in the lower part.



Model Photo


Model Photo


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