Flower Shop

Academic Work|2018|Los Angeles, USA

Site: Los Angeles, California

Team: Liu Qiao, Yunfei Cao

Instructor: Marcelyn Gow

Liu Qiao_Yunfei Cao_Plan.jpg
Liu Qiao_Yunfei Cao_Elevation.jpg



Make-believe-the action of pretending, feigning, or imagining-suggests that things may be quite different from how we perceive them to be if, only for a moment, we suspend disbelief. We make-believe through the design of architectures that respond to the question: ”What if?”. We perform acts of architectural duplicity that allow us to cut through the assumed real and discover the possibilities of the make-believe.

Model Photo

Our project begins with a process of extracting physical information from the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles. We extract specific parts of the buildings and rearrange them into a flower shop. Through this kind of “collage”, we redefine different function and explanation to the building.


Our site is in a walking shopping center next to the Meteo Street. Because most of the stores are not rented, few people walk in or even know there is a shopping center there.  In order to change this situation, we put our flower shop at the entrance to attract the pedestrians’ attention and add more dynamism to the shopping center. 


Model Photo

In addition, the buildings on the entrance are brick buildings and the color is dark red and greyish. The galaxy-like purple and blue would make the flower shop stand out and being noticed and the entrance will get more attention.

The streets in the shopping center are straight and organized on the opposite the surrounding of the flower shop is more natural and to contract with the shopping center.