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Animation Design

Academic Work|2018|Los Angeles, USA

Team: Liu Qiao, Yunfei Cao

Instructor: Natasha Sandmeier

Handy Room Animation

There is a long history of designers and architects who have worked through their agendas within the confines of a room before elaborating those concepts into larger-scaled architectures and ultimately,
cities. The room is the space in which you invent and combine your findings, where you transgress the authentic with the subjective. It is the space in which you can construct your own identity. It’s the world you define, shape and design. It has physical constraints, but limitless creative opportunities.

Our theme is argument reality. When we talk about ar to provide service, what is the most efficient form for AR? We choose hand as the ar because hands are the most useful “tool” as the human body. 

Final 2_2_1048.jpeg

Scenes Render

The story happened in the room, but also the room is a small world for this single person. When the AR start to function and provided service, entertainment and tried to figure out the human need it started to have its thinking mode and it would stop taking humans as its demander.

The room is just a small projection of the AR. And the story is a fiction based on AR development, but we want to raise the awareness of humans. 

Final 2_2_445.jpeg
Final 2_2_705.jpeg
Final 2_2_743.jpeg
final file_0164.jpeg
final file_0603.jpeg
final file_0874.jpeg

Scenes Render


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