Entrada House

Academic Work|2019|Los Angeles, USA

Site: Los Angeles, California

Team: Pinchi Liao, Yunfei Cao

Instructor: Eric Owen Moss   

Structure Diagram

Project Develop Diagram

Program Diagram

Circulation Diagram

This project is located in Santa Monica which is near the sea. It is a house for an artist who will have exhibitions at home and also collect ex-partner’s stuff.

The project focused on the contradiction between the form of private and public. And the structure for the living area expresses an inside convert outside as well as an unfinished atmosphere of the building. Comparing with the public space which uses concrete and column structure, the difference between the structure and material reveals the difference between the program.

Model Photo

The forms of the whole building can be addressed as two different shapes. One is cut by different curve surfaces to create different views at different times of the day which is view-orientated. The other is almost a conceal rectangle but has limited opened windows for daylight. These two extremely different shapes meet each other in one building to illustrate the feeling of contradiction.






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