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AD Bridge

Academic Work|2019|Los Angeles, USA

Site: Los Angeles, California

Team: Liu Qiao, Yunfei Cao

Instructor: Casey Rehm   

Render Animation

AR APP Video

For our project, we designed an advertisement based passing system in a shopping area, weller court. The infrastructure is funded through all commercials that running on billboards day and night.

This is our site, the Weller Court. It is a very big and isolated three units shopping mall with retail stores and restaurants. We felt the courtyard is not fully utilized. Shops are very distanced from each other and it is really hard to see what’s going on with the second and third level. 

We proposed this commercial bridging system that connects different sides and allows people to walk through space easily and also allows stores to showcase their products and services. There are two basic units to construct the structure, the bridge’s truss and panel and the canopy unit.

Both bridge and the canopy are designed in a way that can easily adapt to the site. So the construction can be expanded or reduced base on the needs. like the number of the board or the coverage of the canopy.

The canopy on top will provide shades and a cooler environment for pedestrians and visitors when they hang out at this courtyard or the bridge. 



The goal is to provide a convenient bridging system for shoppers and visitors, and while they are crossing the bridge, they will be able to watch all ads showing on the billboard. The commercial system will benefit stores by putting their names out there. And the profit of ads will be the founding of the construction.

Even at night, it can be a cool lighting scene that attracts visitors.  There are other successful examples out there like youtube or time square. This kind of commercialized system is a part of our lifestyles. 


Point Cloud Render


Perspective Render


Axonometric Render


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