Door Design

Academic Work|2019|Los Angeles, USA

Team: Housheng Wang, Liu Qiao, Yunfei Cao

Instructor: Dwayne Oyler

Model Photo

Physical Model Video

The way that the Folding Door move is inspired by a method of paper folding called reversed folded. The subdivision of the surface allows the door to be opened and closed by the motion of folding.

In Motion Photo

The main structure of the door is made with 3/8 inches baltic birch plywood and be connected with copper hinges. The door is fixed with a steel bolt, goes through a bearing and held on the wall with hex nut. The walnut veneer on the door hides the hinges to keep the cleanness of the finished surface.

Detail Photo

Axonmetric Skeletal Breakdown

Detail Breakdown

Elevations and Movement


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