Office Campus

Academic Work|2020|Los Angeles, USA

Site: Los Angeles, California

Team: Pinchi Liao, Yunfei Cao

Instructor: Eric Owen Moss   

The project is about flexibility when architecture faces varying conditions and different eras. Unpredictability and uncertainty are the main features we are focus on. When architecture becomes entirely predictable, it loses the potential to develop further when it achieves stability and norm.
By detaching architecture from being defined through its interaction with humans, we consider how architecture also interacts recursively with itself, including the elements we mentioned. Our thesis project is a container of an era. As time passes, it can continuously update to revise and respond to the changes. Each architectural element has tension between others from the unique sensible qualities and identity. It leaves the viewers a feeling that there is more than one way to read and use.

Turntable Animation

Site Animation

Circulation Diagram

TIME, PERCEPTION, and IDENTITY are the three key factors to Unpredictable Architecture. TIME always defines unpredictable architecture as a container of an era. By contract with timeless architecture, as time passes, our project can revise and respond to the changes. PERCEPTION marks the tension between each architectural element. The unique sensible qualities of each element leave the viewers a feeling that there is more than one way to read architecture. IDENTITY is the uncertainty of each object and the coexistence of different forms in one architecture creates a sense of fascination.

Frame Diagram Animation

Element Diagram Animation

Program Animation

Model Pictures

We make architecture more unpredictable by adopting different architectural strategies. The characteristics of each object and the diversity of the building within itself can develop an unsteady sense in which each viewer will have their reading from different aspects.

Section Animation


Unit Assemble Diagram


Community Center Assemble Diagram

Assemble Animation

Model Pictures


Is this the end? The answer is no. Once the project is done, the surprise is not surprising. We take a few experiments to develop the possibility of the frame system. These frames are twisted, bent, rotated, folded. And we believe there are more activities than here. The epilogue of our project focus on flexibility, changeability, unpredictability, and uncertainty. This is the end of our presentation, however, our project has more stories to tell. It is a never-ending ongoing process.