Atlanta Central Library

Academic Work|2019|Los Angeles, USA

Site: Atlanta, Georgia
Team: Yiyang Sang, Yunfei Cao

Instructor: Herwig Baumgartner

Data Library Animation

The site for the proposed library is the Atlanta Central Library, an existing public library located downtown, Atlanta which currently works as the Atlanta city library system for the residents nearby and provides intel-data service to the guests.

The project aims to seek a way to replace the present building with a  new library that is sympathetic to the surrounding urban contexts and creates a truly workable future library data-exchanging system. It will be a library that will let people accept the future trends of reading and storing digital data, and turn that into a truly sustainable knowledge keeping methodology to our next generation.

Exterior Render

The library was designed to be a ‘Readable’ library that people no need to enter the library to get the knowledge they are looking for but standing on the opposite street using their apps on their phone to choose the context they want and project that information to the ‘Data screen’ on the facade. The library then becomes the knowledge itself and changes the communication patterns with the entire city of the residents. Also, another concept is about data transformation. The library is designed to serve the future trends of turning traditional books to digital data. The interior reading space is separated into two different parts, the traditional one with paper-made books and the future one using AR and VR as the data experiencing methods. However, these two spaces are not fixed, and they will change due to the ratio changing between these two reading methodologies. Last but not least, we want the library to be a semi-public space that provides readers with an open view to the exterior. Small reading zones are connected to the facade openings to gain enough view of surrounding urban contents. 

Interior Render

Interior Render

Physical Model Photo

Physical Model Photo


Ground Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan


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