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Atlanta Library

Academic Work|2019|Los Angeles, USA

Site: Atlanta, Georgia

Team: Lourenco Vaz Pinto, Liu Qiao, Phil Hood, Siyu Zheng, Xin Liu,  Xingsheng Xiong, Yiyang Sang, Yunfei Cao,  Ziyou Xu

Instructor: Brian Zamora, Herwig Baumgartner 


Our project is not only a technical advancement of the previous project design but will also be a disciplinary one where documentation of design and manufacturing are in flux and are increasingly based on three-dimensional live data. While BIM is an important development in this regard, we aim to re-think how we can envision and communicate the design in innovative ways that exceed the design object itself. The primary part of our work is an animated drawing set in the form of a multi-segment video. Each chapter will address one of the core topics of the seminar and offer different views, components, sizes, descriptions, energies, systems, vantage points, transparencies, materials, colors, scales, and so on. 

To create auditorio space our main structure of the library is cable structure and beam structure instead of column structure. The reading space and auditorio space is connected by ramps and core.
The facade of the structure is precast glass which is made in the factory and assembled in site. 


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